Bacta-Pur System
-BACTIVATOR –Applied Microbiology for Waste Water Treatment

Bacta-Pur System solves the drainage problems caused by grease in commercial kitchens. Drain problems can no longer be solved by pouring harsh caustic chemicals or acids down the drain. This is dangerous for the user and the environment and detrimental to plumbing

Bacta-Pur System is an automatic system, which continuously grows, conditions and delivers precise quantities of actively growing beneficial microorganisms selected for their ability to digest grease, clean pipes and prevent causes of noxious odors in the most natural means.




Treatment Benefits

Noxious odors coming from drains and traps Eliminate causes of noxious odors

Excessive grease in traps and pipes Biodigest grease (rice too) build-up in traps and pipes

Pipes blocked or backing up, reduced flow rates in sinks Maintain drains operating normally

Frequent removal of grease in grease trap Greatly reduce the frequency of grease removal

High sewage charge Effectively lower pollutants in sewage and helps TES appeal

You have tried dormant bacteria or enzymes without success, only wasting money Bacta-Pur System - the most cost-effective solution

Professional Design & Operation Guidance
Installation Service
Replacement of active bacteria every month
Repair & Maintenance services
Water sampling and testing for EPD reports
Trade Effluent Surcharge (TES) Appeals

New Bedford, Massachusetts (Main sewer internal condition)

Rize-Carleton, Canada (Grease Trap in a restaurant)

Abidjan, Ivory Coast ( Municipal Pre-treatment Plant )

Parameter Before (mg/L) After (mg/L) Reduction (%)
FOG 4780 45 99
Total Hydrocarbons 5260 50 99
COD 4000 100 98
BOD 2260 55 98
TSS 3250 670 79
TKN 560 80 86

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