Scienfore Engineering Materials Ltd. is established by a group of partners, whose experiences are from board disciplines:

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Cable Manufacturing Engineering
Building Services Engineering


1. Products
Electrical and mechanical products
Special products through our overseas liaison offices

2. Professional advice
As the customer, you are our most important partner. Responding to your inquiries promptly and positively is one of our main objectives. Our goal is to help you to find the right products and the customized solutions when you need them.

Understanding the client's requirement is the key in providing top quality and satisfactory services. We pay detail attention in all tender requirements and specifications especially electrical and mechanical materials in order to study their needs in terms of cost, time and functional requirements.

Recognizing the importance of after-sales services, we are always ready to provide technical back up from this office and factories in Europe.

3. Reliable and flexible delivery
Getting the product to client on time is one of our principles. Our professionals will focus on issues such as rational stock levels, optimization of storage rules, customer specifications, cost reduction and on-time delivery to plan the most flexible and reliable approach for every project.